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1 Can you say that again, ___ ? please 
2 Ø  How / old / are / you?
3  I call them every day to ask them to pay their bills. I call them daily to ask them to pay their bills.
4  I expected our lawyers ___ us on our partner's breach of contract. to advise
5  If you take the bus on a regular basis, you ___ buy a weekly pass. should  
6  I'm going to the supermarket to buy some ___ steaks. fresh 
7  I'm ___ eating very little breakfast in the morning.  used to
8  Little ___ like to play games. children 
9 ___ has given me chocolate yet, but I hope I'll get some. Nobody 
10 ___ I need it, I can't find it. Whenever 
11 ___ is a person older than 18. An adult
12 ___ of these buses do I take to go downtown? Which 
13 ___ visit the tourist information office. Let's 
14 A businessman often ___ a suit and tie to go to work. wears 
15 A ticket to the zoo ___ $1.50. costs 
16 According to the text, airplanes are considered to be… a widespread, reliable means of transportation. 
17 According to the text, outdoor markets have… high-quality goods.
18 After months of negotiation, the two businesses agreed to ___ the contract. sign 
19 After our recent experience, I was hoping there would be no ___ problems with the supplier. further 
20 Aren't you ___ buy some fresh vegetables? going to
21 As she ___ out of the taxi, it started to rain. was getting
22 Carol's meal is ___ expensive than Keith's. less 
23 Companies make ___ that people can buy in stores. products 
24 He looks ___ me, don't you think? like  
25 He ___ visit Sweden next year. will  
26 How ___ people are with you? many  
27 I am going to L.A. to work for a ___ which makes video games. company 
28 I look forward ___ you on Monday. to seeing
29 I ___ to the movies on Saturdays. go 
30 I_ very young. 'm 
31 I'd like ___ to do things more quickly. to be able
32 If I ___ it today, you ___ it by Monday morning. sent / would receive
33 I'm ___ to memorize my presentation for tomorrow. I intend ___ my best. trying / to do
34 In the last twenty years there have been a number of positive developments in this field. In the last twenty years there has been a lot of progress in this field.
35 Is there anything on tonight's menu you would ___ ? recommend 
36 It rains a lot in England, ___ ? doesn't it
37 It was a ___ tennis match. tiring 
38 It's a special ___ ! You get a 10% discount if you buy today, and you don't have to pay until next year. offer 
39 Linda works in the ___ company ___ Alice. same / as
40 Living in a foreign country ought to be a challenging and interesting experience. Living in a foreign country probably is a challenging and interesting experience.
41 Many European countries have the same ___ .  currency 
42 Many people take ___ from travel agencies to decide where to go on vacation. brochures 
43 Mr. Jones, can you ___ a letter to our British partners? send 
44 My contact lenses are ___ strong ___ yours. as / as
45 My family likes to watch the ___ on television in the evenings. news 
46 My sister ___ at home now, but she usually ___ in San Francisco. is living / lives
47 Next week, Mrs. Robinson will travel to China to ___ a factory near Beijing. visit 
48 Nice to ___ you! meet 
49 Nothing else works, but the photocopier is still fully ___ . operational 
50 Ø On / Easter / Island, / there / are / many / ancient / stone / statues. 
51 Ø  Did / he / have / enough / money?
52 Ø  Have / you / gone / grocery / shopping / yet? 
53 Ø  to eat
54 Ø  You / have / a / beautiful / house.
55 Ø  You / should / ask / someone / else.
56 She expected him ___ with her. to leave
57 The businessman ___ the accident, had he traveled by plane. might have avoided
58 The colleague ___ car broke down wanted to go faster. whose  
59 The construction of the new headquarters should be finished by the end of July, as long as there are no ___ in the work. delays 
60 The draft of the contract was a dream come true for the company. The proposed contract was a dream come true for the company.
61 The general economic situation in this country is poor, particularly in this rural ___ , where they have no industry to rely on. region 
62 The Korean representatives will come to check our merchandise next month. The Korean representatives will come to check our products next month. 
63 The seat belt ___ the flight attendant before the plane took off. was fastened by
64 The team with the ___ score will be eliminated.  worst 
65 The technicians have developed a new computer ___ which allows us to view all customer orders and accounts at the same time. program 
66 The travel agent offers deals on rock climbing, canoeing and other ___ activities.  outdoor 
67 There are a lot of people outside my office. Hey! What's ___ ? happening 
68 There's ___ coffee in the pot. plenty of
69 They didn't listen to the music and didn't watch the performance ___ . either 
70 They produced a prototype ___ we could assess its pertinence. so that
71 This is the first time she has gone to a baseball game. She has ___ been to a baseball game before. never  
72 This is ___ bag. John's 
73 This refrigerator belongs to us. It's ___ . ours 
74 Tina was ___  girl in town. the smartest
75 We don't want that ___ . Their products are too expensive and unreliable. brand 
76 We ___ for six hours now. have been driving
77 We ___ there was going to be a problem as soon as they ___ about the contract. knew / spoke
78 We ___ to hurry, because we ___ be there until 3 p.m.  don't need / don't have to
79 We'll need to talk about it before we can make a ___ about the new project. decision 
80 We've been working together ___ eighteen months ___ . for / Ø
81 What do you ___ like? look 
82 What is a written agreement between two companies called? a contract
83 What is the opposite of "destruction"? creation 
84 What is the opposite of "hot"? cold 
85 What is the opposite of "to sell"? to buy
86 When Steve and Judith ___ younger, they ___ a dog named Rover. were / had
87 When we ___ European-made goods into the country, we have to pay customs taxes on them. import 
88 Which friends ___ tomorrow? are coming
89 Which response is similar in meaning to "delicious"? tasty 
90 Which response is similar in meaning to "exciting"? thrilling 
91 Which response is similar in meaning to "fortune"? luck 
92 Which response is similar in meaning to "often"? frequently 
93 Which response is similar in meaning to "to book"? to reserve 
94 Which response is similar in meaning to "to defer"? to delay
95 Which response is similar in meaning to "to need"? to require
96 Which response is similar in meaning to "versatility"? flexibility 
97 Which response is similar to "up-to-date"? State-of-the-art
98 William! What ___ your mother say yesterday? did  
99 You have received ___ about special offers on renting villas. an advertisement
100 You shouldn't have ___ problems with your credit card. any 

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